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Teen Martial Arts at IKO KARATE

We help teens build a solid foundation for adulthood by developing essential life skills. They'll discover amazing benefits that they can carry with them for years to come!


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13-17 Yrs

Teen Martial Arts

Give Your Teen the Tools to become a successful adult

Teens will have opportunities to act as assistant instructors and become leaders of our younger-level classes, you will witness your teen responsibility, leadership, & confidence soar! Our program offers a safe, structured environment that provides support, guidance and clear guidelines as your young adult matures.

Your teen will develop a healthier self-image, stronger self-esteem and enhanced social skills. Through martial arts training, your teen will also learn guiding principles like consequences of actions, hard work and dedication, decision making and how to interact with others. Our program can help shape your teen’s future by providing a solid foundation for success.

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